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People are cancelling holiday plans as Ontario braces for more bad news

With the Omicron variant proving to be more transmissible (though thankfully less severe) than other strains, the virus is making its way rapidly around Ontario and the world.

The province marked a grim new figure with its latest case numbers on Thursday, hitting the highest number of new infections recorded in one day: a whopping 5,790, with a backlog of tens of thousands of people still waiting on results.

The last time we saw figures anywhere near this high was back one day in mid-April, when we marked 4,812 new cases.

There were also a total of seven deaths and 1,659 recoveries, and we've now seen total of 667,353 cases of the virus among our population of 14.57 million or so to date.

Meanwhile, neighbouring Quebec likewise broke their record today, hitting a total of 9,397 new infections.

Basically, leading up to the holidays, it's not looking good as far as transmission is concerned, and the government continues to advise people to avoid large indoor gatherings and stay home if they have any symptoms or potential exposures.

But, it seems that people are already cancelling their holiday plans in light of today's news...

...and also encouraging others to do the same.

The message online is clear: stay home and keep your distance from others if possible, as tempting as meeting up and partying with friends and family may be.

A total of 76 per cent of the day's cases are in vaccinated people — logical since 80 per cent of the eligible population is now fully inoculated — showing that we're all still vulnerable to catching the disease.

But, the hospitalization rate for the strain is far lower than Delta thus far, which is good news for the health system and for those of us who have the virus and are only experiencing mild symptoms.

Regardless of how mild the cases, higher numbers are not anything anyone wants, especially with more stringent lockdown a very real possibility on the horizon.

Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore has now said that Ontarians shouldn't be surprised by more record-high daily COVID numbers in the coming weeks.

Just a reminder for those still planning to see loved ones: the new limits for get-togethers provincewide are now 10 indoors and 25 outdoors under another new wave of lockdown restrictions, though Premier Doug Ford's daughter would tell you not to snitch on anyone you catch violating the rules.

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