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Someone painted a yellow brick road and it's creating havoc on a Toronto street

People on a popular Toronto street awoke to a bright yellow sidewalk meant to conjure the nostalgic feeling of the yellow brick road in Wizard of Oz, but instead led to a drippy mustardy mess everywhere.

A thick yellow line of paint appeared on the sidewalk sometime overnight on Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto's west end, according to residents in Roncy/Parkdale Friendly Neighbours.

The paint, while a cheerful yellow, didn't fare well in Thursday's rainy and mild weather. It began to run and drip. People and pets started to track into stores.

"I came on twitter just to find out if there was any chatter about this mess and why we are now all walking around with yellow paint on our boots," one person wrote.

It made a mess on wheels too.

"It got all over our stroller tires," another person said. "I had to change my walking route to avoid making it worse. Fortunately it all came off eventually. Very glad I didn’t wear my new boots out today!"

There was no way to stop dogs running through the paint.

"The paint was actually running into the storm water drains and my dog's legs that used to be white turned yellow," another person said.

The yellow paint found its way into shops through yellow footprints on the floors — one shop, who didn't want to be named, said they spent the morning mopping.

Reportedly the yellow paint is part of a campaign from the Roncesvalles BIA called There's no place like Roncy.

Roncesvalles BIA didn't reveal much about the campaign but did say they were working hard to clean up the paint.

"We did have some issues this morning with some sidewalk paint running in the rain, we've had crews onsite since early this morning cleaning up the small section of paint that ran and it will be completely taken care of before the day is out," a spokeperson for the BIA tells blogTO.

"The weather didn't cooperate early this morning but we hope to have it all taken care of soon."

Had it not rained and the paint held, the yellow road might be fun and eye-catching.

"It's a great marketing idea," one person said. "It's too bad it rained, but our local BIA is trying. Let's cut them some slack. My dog stepped in it too. Water got it off."

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