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Ontario drivers being fined for snow-covered windshields but some say it isn't enough

Lazy, inconsiderate drivers are a year-round problem in the GTA, but winter weather always has a way of bringing out the worst in motorists.

Durham Regional Police have shared a photo of one particularly thoughtless driver who figured they could get away with only clearing a small patch of snow from the driver-side of their windshield.

It turns out the driver of this Chevy pick-up truck was wrong, as many would have guessed, and was — like the rest of us — required to clear the entire windshield and windows before operating a motor vehicle on a highway.

And anyone who has found themselves behind one of these fast-moving blizzard machines on a highway knows the risks they present all too well.

For all that snow, the driver of the truck faced a fine of just $110 and no demerit points, but some are speaking out against what amounts to little more than a slap on the wrist for something that could have ended much worse.

One commenter even suggests these drivers should be temporarily taken off of roads to serve as more of a deterrent.

The tweet is part of the Durham Regional Police's #DRPS12DaysOfChristmas campaign, sending out a series of safety-related messages for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Though their campaign has been a bit of a departure from tradition, counting down the dozen days leading up to Christmas versus the proper 12 days starting on Christmas Day.

Still, this tweet stood out from others in the campaign, with cops taking the time to shame one of the most inconsiderate winter driver moves around.

Lead photo by

Durham Regional Police

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