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Bag of 15 Canadian pennies found priced for $1 at a Toronto thrift store

Those looking for a bargain didn't find it at a Toronto thrift store this week.

A bag of 15 pennies was spotted in the Salvation Army Thrift Store on St. Clair Avenue West, according to shopper Adam Tella who posted his find in the Weird Toronto Facebook group. The bag, worth 15 cents, was marked with a 99 cent price tag.

"I've seen some overpriced things at the Salvation Army on St. Clair W., but 99 cents for a bag of 15 cents is almost too much to handle!!" Tella said in his post.

Tella said he didn't ask the shop staff more about the pennies but several people had their own ideas.

One person suggested the pennies could be collector's items, which is why they are so expensive. Another thought the copper in the coins could be the reason for the high price.

Canada's last penny was minted in 2012 due to rising costs in producing them, but the penny remains legal tender in Canada.

As for the value of the coins, the copper in the coins wouldn't amount to much unless they were old coins. Pennies made in the 2000s were 94 per cent steel, 1.5 per cent nickel and only copper plated. A penny made from 1858 to 1859, however, was 95 per cent copper.

The bag appears to contain only newer pennies and they weren't likely collector's items such as the 1936 dot penny.

There were plenty of jokes about the bag of coins.

"They should know that this will likely trigger people who are already afraid of change," one person joked.

Another quipped: "That doesn't make cents."

And, in fact, it doesn't make a lot of sense, according to store policy.

A customer likely filled the bag with pennies, a Salvation Army Thrift Store supervisor told blogTO. In fact, the shop is not allowed to sell legal currency and wouldn't have put the coins out for sale.

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Adam Tella

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