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Brinks truck hauling gold and silver rolls over on Hwy 401 near Toronto

A truck hauling expensive cargo crashed on Hwy 401 near Toronto but unfortunately for any passersby, the shiny contents remained safe.

OPP reports that the rollover of the armored truck happened in the westbound lanes of Hwy 401 at Renforth Drive in Mississauga in the afternoon on Dec. 31. Two of highway's westbound collector lanes approaching Person Airport were closed while crews worked to clear the crash.

The video posted shows a badly damaged Brinks truck next to crushed guard rails being towed with heavy equipment.

"No serious injuries, all the gold and silver is accounted for and on the way to its intended destination," the OPP wrote. The gold and silver were transported to another truck, according to police.

So anyone stuck in traffic looking to get rich was out of luck — but plenty of people were dreaming of the possibilities.

"'Intended destination' = My House?," one person joked on Twitter.

The truck was cut off by another vehicle causing the roll over, OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt tells blogTO.

There were reportedly three guards in the truck when it rolled over, who were able to get out of the vehicle with the help of some good Samaritans passing by, insauga reports.

This isn't the first time a Brinks truck has crashed in the GTA. Back in 2008, the driver of a Brinks truck suffered serious injuries when the truck rolled over trapping three people inside. Rescuers had to break through the vehicle's bullet-proof glass with a heavy sledge hammer to save the occupants.

The valuables — in that case, cash — were safe in this incident too.

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