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TTC bus careens into fence after breaking free from tow truck

One Toronto tow truck driver is likely out of a job today after a call to help a stalled TTC bus went completely awry over the weekend.

The electric bus was sent flying into a fence at Allen Road and Highway 401 0n Friday evening after breaking free of the tow truck transporting it for repairs.

According to reports from Ontario Provincial Police's Highway Safety Division, the heavy tow operator erroneously affixed their chains to the bus's front-mounted bike rack, which, along with the front bumper, tore off the bus completely en route.

In such cases, a special towing device is needed for safe transport.

Luckily, the bus narrowly escaped rolling into fellow vehicles on the road, instead careening into and completely destroying the fence near the Allen Road Southbound ramp in the process.

Photos circulating on socials show the unfortunate, smashed-up bus, as well as the tow truck holding the lonely bike rack and bumper.

Along with whatever mechanical fixes the bus already needed, it will now need some pretty extensive front-end repairs, including a new windshield.

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