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Toronto police looking for suspect who fired gun into the air from Queen West patio

Whether it's to launch an underground street race, intimidate the people around you, or celebrate a big gambling win like Senator Shady Bird Johnson, experts agree across the board that nobody should ever, ever, ever fire a gun into the air. Ever.

Your stray bullet could kill or seriously injure someone, most importantly, as well as terrify entire blocks of people and land you in a boatload of trouble with the cops.

Toronto Police are currently searching for someone in a related matter as part of a "discharge firearm" investigation stemming from late night kerfuffle in Queen West.

"On Tuesday, October 19, 2021, at 2:50 a.m., police responded to a sound of gunshots call at an establishment in the Queen Street West and Portland Street area," reads a news release issued by police on Wednesday.

toronto police shooting

This unidentified person who looks like Drake is wanted by Toronto Police in relation to a discharge firearm investigation. Image via Toronto Police Service. 

No exact location for the establishment was given, though it stands to reason that it was a bar or restaurant, given that it had an outdoor patio.

"It is reported that a fight broke out on the patio of the establishment," say police, and that "a man, dressed in red, brandished a firearm and fired several shots into the air during the fight."

Nobody was injured as a result of the gunfire, but things could have ended differently had someone been standing where the bullet fell.

Investigators are now seeking the public's assistance in identifying a suspect who, per security images, looks a lot like Drake but isn't.

The man is described as 6'2", with a muscular build, tattoos on his left arm and dark facial hair. He was wearing a red shirt, a red baseball hat, black pants, black shoes and a Louis Vuitton satchel bag at the time of the incident.

Lead photo by

Toronto Police Service

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