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People in Toronto are really hating this TTC bus route

Toronto is absolutely fed up with riding on one of the major bus routes in the city.

Many people are complaining about the #63 Ossington bus, which starts at Eglinton Avenue and Oakwood and leads down to Liberty Village.

The main point of concern about the route is that, because of a current detour, it doesn't make any stops along Shaw Street, starting from Ossington to King. 

Instead, the route skips over Queen Street and Shaw, a major intersection, and goes around through Dufferin Street to continue south.

Some commuters are annoyed with the fact that this new diversion, which started on Nov. 15, makes their trip much longer. 

Others have even witnessed TTC drivers who work the route express how much they hate it.

A spokesperson for the TTC tells blogTO that the detour on the route is due to road work and rail replacement on Queen West.

"Unfortunately the size of this diversion is creating some reliability issues. We are aware of it and we apologize for any inconvenience our customers are experiencing," said Stuart Green, media relations for TTC.

Green adds that the transit agency is working on reallocating more vehicles to service gap stops while construction is being completed.

Aside from the current detour, some say they have other reasons to hate the route, including the safety of passengers when it comes to speed.

Some people mentioned just how difficult it must be for drivers who operate the route.

Others were coming up with solutions on how to make parts of the route more efficient for both passengers and pedestrians.

Even those native to the Ossington area agreed that changes need to be made, with lots of overcrowding happening near the general area of Queen-King-Shaw that loops with Ossington.

The TTC tells blogTO that there's no definitive date on when construction is expected to end at Queen near Ossington.

It seems that we'll just have to bury our woes with this route, until there's word on improvements.

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Roozbeh Rokni

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