My Grandfathers Cat

This non-profit in Toronto is desperately trying to find homes for adorable cats

A unique non-profit in Toronto aims to find homes for cats who desperately need a place to live.  

My Grandfather's Cat rehomes animals for terminally ill or senior people before they move into care facilities or pass away.

Founder Angela Rafuse founded the organization after adopting her own grandfather's cat, Mackenzie, after he passed away. Documenting the experience on TikTok resulted in going viral and hearing from many people in similar situations who didn't know what to do.

"We heard stories from people who had to put their grandparents' pets into shelters after they passed because there wasn't a family member to adopt them," says Rafuse.

Since launching on her grandfather's birthday on May 18, 2021, the organization has facilitated 19 adoptions. If Rafuse has her way that number will quickly escalate to 22.

That's because three senior cats who are also sisters are now up for adoption in Toronto. Unfortunately, the organization hasn't yet received any applications for the trio just yet. 

One look at the cuddly old ladies and it's tough to see why: their names are Autumn, Dori and Mia. Autumn and Dori are 15 and Mia is 12.

"Dori, Autumn and Mia are three senior sisters in Toronto. Their senior human recently passed away and there isn't a family member able to take them," Rafuse tells blogTO.

"They are currently residing in their home and their human's daughter is caring for them. Her daughter wants them to stay together because they are bonded, and we are doing our best to find a kind human willing to take all three girls. We have had a couple people interested, but we don't have any strong leads to date."

Those interested in adopting cats can inquire through the organization's website where pets can also be put up for adoption, people can volunteer or support My Grandfather's Cat by donating or shopping for merch.

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My Grandfather's Cat

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