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This is why people were given expired vaccines at a Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario

Loblaws has responded to an incident where people were given expired vaccines at a Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario. 

The store in Vaughan, located at 9200 Weston Road, apparently gave the expired shots to 13 different people

Although Loblaws, the parent company to Shoppers, tells blogTO this was an isolated incident. 

"A vaccine was given one day after its expiry date," said a spokesperson for the company. 

Loblaws tells blogTO, the owner of this Shoppers location took immediate action by contacting the Vaughan Public Health Unit, who then reached out the vaccine manufacturer. 

"Through this process, public health has confirmed there was absolutely no risk to the customers, and the dose is considered valid and effective," said Loblaws PR.  

Each person that was given the expired vaccine was called by the pharmacy the next day to let them know about what happened, the grocery company tells blogTO. 

Loblaws says the store has put in additional processess in place to ensure something like this doesn't happen again. 

blogTO asked the company what specific processess were being brought in to prevent another incident. 

Loblaws responded saying Shoppers Drug Mart locations are individually owned, meaning the person running the store is responsible for prevention of another incident like this. 

"We, along with public health, are satisfied that the owner has taken the appropriate steps to ensure this doesn't happen again," said the company. 

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