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Domino's Pizza delivery car spotted doing donuts in Woodbridge parking lot

If you recently received a pizza with all of the cheese and toppings straight mushed up against one side of the box, a recent video out of a Toronto suburb may shed some light on what happened to your pie.

Or not — I mean, one would hope that the driver of a pizza delivery car would at least perform stunt driving tricks after dropping off all their orders, with an empty backseat. But who knows?

Jeff Kacmarek, VP of Marketing for Domino's Pizza of Canada, told blogTO after viewing the video, shot in Woodbridge, that the driver may not necessarily even work for the major chain.

"It's impossible to see the license plate on the vehicle so we cannot verify if that is an actual driver employed by Domino's, or if it's someone who stole a car topper," he said.

"If it were a verified driver that kind of dangerous behavior would not be tolerated."

The video in question, posted to Instagram on Saturday by 6ixbuzzTV, shows a black car with a Domino's topper on its roof spinning wildly around the parking lot of a SmartCentres shopping plaza at 200 Windflower Gate in Woodbridge, a neighbourhood in Vaughan that borders north Toronto.

Several people can be seen chasing the car with their phones, coming dangerously close to squealing rubber in an effort to record the stunt.

This behaviour is common at street racing-type events ("meetups" or "takeovers" as organizers call them) — and it's something police have been struggling to crack down on for years.

Stunt driving remains a persistent problem in the GTA, with some pockets of the city well-known for hosting chaotic meetups with hundreds of attendees.

Unlike some d-bags who shut down major intersections to do donuts, the driver in this video at least restricted their antics to a parking lot.

Still, whether this happened with pizza in the car, without pizza in the car, during a shift, after a shift or completely independent of Domino's, it's not a good look for any brand to have a marked vehicle breaking the law on camera.

It does, however, make for great joke fodder: "Order pizza and got donuts instead," wrote one commenter on the original 6ixBuzz Instagram post.

"All I hear is free pizza," joked another, referencing the company's famous "30 minutes or free" delivery policy.

As for the driver, not yet identified, they could be taking some heat at work soon (if they do, in fact, work for Domino's). They could also theoretically be charged with the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, an offence punishable by fines of up to $10,000 and 10 years in jail under the Criminal Code of Canada.

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