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Toronto skies turn bright pumpkin-orange during spectacular fall sunset

A gorgeous long autumn weekend came to an appropriate (and staggeringly beautiful) end Monday night with what might have been one of this year's loveliest sunsets to date.

More "glowing hearth" than "cotton candy skies," the sun's descent on Thanksgiving Day of 2021 was memorable for its almost fire-like appearance.

While earlier in the day than usual for people to sunset-watch from the beach (usually, by the time sunsets are happening at 6:41 p.m., it's too cold for most people to hit the sand), plenty of locals got great photos of the sky show from Toronto's shores.

Others took to balconies for wide shots of the sky ablaze.

Photos of the fall sunset began flooding Instagram and Twitter almost immediately, as anyone in this city who spends time on either network could have predicted (and did).

In some parts of the city, pedestrians simply walked out into the street to view and take pictures of the brilliant hues.

Parks also proved popular as a point of view for sunset snaps.

As did cars, because what else are drivers supposed to look at (besides, you know, the road)?

Views from Lake Ontario weren't too shabby either...

But, as many have remarked, digital images couldn't really do the beauty of last night's sunset justice.

"Greater Toronto Area Fam, GET OUTSIDE & see the sunset," wrote one Twitter user of the eye-pleasing sky. "It's a beauty."

"Toronto peeps: go outside and look at the sky. The sunset is awesome," tweeted another.

Wherever they managed to catch the spectacle from, the sunset left many people feeling extra thankful as the holiday weekend wrapped up.

With weather conditions quite similar to yesterday's as of Tuesday morning, we may just get a reprisal of the spectacular sunset this evening. Fingers crossed, iPhone ready.

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