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Employees stop woman from shoplifting at Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart store

A would-be shoplifter found her attempts to steal a bag full of stuff foiled by Shoppers Drug Mart staff members.

The video circulating online starts with a commotion at the front of the store. The person who sent the video to blogTO says the incident happened near Jane and Wilson on Oct. 25 and that the woman had attempted to steal from another store before this one.

The staff members are heard arguing with the woman who is shouting "stop, leave my bag alone."

Three staff members are struggling with the woman at the self-checkout counter. They pull on the woman's bag and coat, and a tug-o-war ensues. One staff member, who is clearly very angry, gets a bag and slams it to the ground as the woman heads for the exit.

Four staff members then follow the woman out as she yells "I don't have anything else."

One staff member shouts, "There's too much of it."

The woman then comes back into the store and grabs her coat.

"Take your stuff," a staff member says. "Give me my bag," she responds.

The woman then leaves the store, presumably for good, as someone says, "Don't ever come back here, that's enough!"

There's no doubt times are tough, but clearly these staff members have had enough of people trying to steal.

Typical advice for staff dealing with a shoplifter is not to chase them down but to call a manager. It is not clear in this case if a manager was involved — Shoppers Drug Mart didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

This woman likely won't try to steal from this particular store again, however.

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Screenshot of video submitted to blogTO

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