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Above-average temperatures expected for Toronto in October

October is officially upon us, and that means the fall season is fully underway. 

The month of October typically represents some major weather changes in Ontario as we move further away from summer and closer to the frigid winter months, but a newly released forecast indicates that we still have some warm (ish) weather left to look forward to. 

The Weather Network's new October forecast, written by meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham and published Friday morning, suggests that the rest of the month is set to be warmer than usual in most of Canada, feeling more like a repeat of September than anything else.

"We expect that most of Canada will be warmer than normal for the month as a whole, but everyone should expect some interruptions to the milder pattern," writes Gillham. "However, the periods of warmer weather should outweigh the shots of colder weather."

In Ontario specifically, Gillham says warmer than normal temperatures will likely dominate throughout the month, but some chilly days will of course be mixed in as well.

"October will include some extended stretched of mild and dry weather, which will be ideal for enjoying the fall foliage which is running later than normal this year after a warm September," he says.

The forecast also predicts fewer than our typical number of fall storms, but Gillham says a couple of soggy systems could still bring the final rainfall totals to near normal for parts of the region.

So while it may be time to start bundling up a little more, it seems October will still bring plenty of pleasant, mild fall weather that we can all enjoy as we prepare to once again lock ourselves inside for the winter. 

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