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Here are the 50 new locations where Toronto is getting speed enforcement cameras

The City of Toronto's trial of automated speed enforcement cameras has been a resounding success thus far, busting hundreds of thousands of drivers in areas known for speeding and actually forcing people to slow down to avoid hefty fines as a result.

But tens of thousands are still getting caught by the cameras every month, as the latest data shows, with 18,619 tickets issued in July and 18,114 in August. This is a notable drop from 26,566 tickets in June, which was the first month of the cameras being moved to a new round of locations.

The number of repeat offenders dropped, too, from 2,445 undoubtedly angry drivers in June to 1,211 in July, and finally, only 764 in August.

This indicates that motorists are indeed driving more cautiously and safely, or at the very least are learning to recognize the warning signage and large metal boxes the cameras — which have been vandalized on numerous occasions — are housed in, leading to fewer and fewer tickets as time progresses.

In the most recent two months of data, the most problematic streets proved to be Victoria Park Avenue near Tiago Avenue (14 per cent of all tickets in July) and Greenwood Avenue near Glebeholme Boulevard (15 per cent of all tickets in August).

As effective as the program appears to be, numbers may spike up again for November, when the cameras move to a fourth round of locations, which are selected based on past collision stats, traffic volume, requests from the public and more.

According to the city's map, the 50 planned speed camera locations will be:

  • Lawrence Ave. E. East of Mildenhall Rd.
  • Avenue Rd. South of Caribou Rd.
  • Glenmount Ave. Near Madoc Dr.
  • Banbury Rd. Near Portsmith Rd.
  • Scarsdale Rd. South of York Mills Rd.
  • Westwood Ave. West of Carlaw Ave.
  • Bathurst St. Near Ardmore Rd.
  • Donlands Ave. Near Memorial Park Ave.
  • Davenport Rd. Near Bishop St.
  • Arlington Ave. South of Durham Ave.
  • Cosburn Ave. West of Binswood Ave.
  • Isabella St. West of Sherbourne St.
  • O'Connor Dr. Near Wakunda Place.
  • Oakwood Ave. Near Biggar Ave.
  • Wallingford Rd. North of Cassandra Blvd.
  • Dufferin St. North of Norton Ave.
  • Faywood Blvd. Near Norcross Rd.
  • Queen St. E. Near Sackville St.
  • Senlac Rd. South of Horsham Ave.
  • Beverley St. Near D'Arcy St.
  • Dewey Dr. East of Pharmacy Ave.
  • Brian Dr. North of Clydesdale Dr.
  • Victoria Park Ave. North of Old Sheppard Ave.
  • Givins St. South of Argyle St.
  • Birchmount Rd. South of Ellendale Dr.
  • Cactus Ave. North of Moore Park Ave.
  • Queens Quay East of Bathurst St.
  • Lawrence Ave. W. East of Martini Dr.
  • Sheppard Ave. W. East of Buckland Rd.
  • Priscilla Ave. South of Dundas St. W.
  • Warden Ave. South of Glen Springs Dr.
  • Kingston Rd. East of Chine Dr.
  • Jane St. North of Clair Rd.
  • Jane St. South of Weatherell St.
  • Lockie Ave. East of Donalda Cres.
  • King St. South of George St
  • Yorkwoods Gate. East of Jane St.
  • Cathedral Bluffs Dr. South of Kingston Rd.
  • Bellamy Rd. N. South of Northleigh Dr.
  • Brimorton Dr. Near Amberjack Blvd.
  • Montgomery Rd. Near Loyalist Rd.
  • Royal York Rd. North of Coney Rd.
  • Nugget Ave. East of Transfer Place.
  • The Westway West of Brampton Rd.
  • Kipling Ave. South of Snaresbrook Dr.
  • Finch Ave. E. West of Neilson Rd.
  • Wickson Trail West of Brenyon Way
  • Birmingham St. West of Kipling Ave.
  • Silverstone Dr. North of Avening Dr.
  • Manse Rd. Near 292 Manse Rd.

Residents can request an ASE camera in their neighbourhood online.

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