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Woman calls man a second class citizen during racist rant in Toronto

A Toronto man says a woman hurled racist language and threats at him in a road rage incident this week.

Pablo Perez tells blogTO says the incident started when he was buying lunch at a McDonalds at Danforth Avenue and Coxwell Street around 1 p.m. on Sept. 27. He was heading into the drive-thru from the east side and the woman was heading in from the west. He says she didn't have her signal on and he wasn't aware that she wanted to enter.

"She apparently thought I cut her off there," Perez says. "I had no idea."

Perez got his order and continued to drive home to Woodbine and Kingston Road and that's when he says the woman stopped and got out of her car.

"I noticed that a woman stepped out her car, grabbed her large Diet Coke and is like yeah, you like fucking butting (in front of) people in line. Take this," he says.

She threw the drink at his car, he says.

Perez filmed part of the interaction in front of his condo building, which has since garnered a lot of reaction on Reddit.

He didn't understand what was happening at first, but said the woman told him that he had cut her off. He didn't capture the whole incident on video but he says she mistook his ethnicity and hurled anti-Asian slurs.

"She started yelling racial slurs at me," he says.

He says she followed him from the drive-thru and went on a tirade. Although she suggests that he was watching pornography, Perez says he has no idea what she was talking about.

"I was baffled."

At the beginning of the video, she calls him a "second-class" citizen and implies he is on welfare (he isn't) and she is paying for his life in Canada. She then implied he thought women weren't equal.

"It's the western world, we are all fucking equals," she shouts.

He responds, "You need a reality check."

And she says, "You need a reality check, women are equal."

He accuses her of racially profiling him.

"Go suck Meghan Markle's dick with your woke shit," she says. 

Perez says he went back to the McDonalds to get his receipt and also asked for her receipt in case he needed evidence. He reported the incident online to the Toronto Police Service.

He says this isn't the first time he has experienced racism. About three years ago he was nearly attacked with sledgehammer in a Toronto dog park from a man who also hurled anti-Asian slurs. Although he is not Asian, Perez says he feels strongly about standing up to racism.

"I'm here to defend the entire community and other people, minorities out there, that is unjustifiable."

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Pablo Perez

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