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Vote by mail for the election in Canada is proving to be a very popular option this year

Vote by mail isn't a new concept for Canada this election but with many Canadians weary about the idea of having to trek out to their local polling station during a pandemic it's expected to be something that many will take advantage of this year.

With the election scheduled for Sept. 20, it's essential to know the vote by mail deadlines and get in your vote before it's too late. 

The deadline to apply to vote by mail is September 14 at 6 p.m., after which you'll get an envelope in the mail with a simple, blank form with no candidate names along with some additional envelopes and instructions on how to vote.

It's a big difference from voting in person so you'll need to know who the candidates are in your area and don't forget to double check the spelling of their first and last names.

In the rare instance where two candidates have the same first and last name you'll need to also add their political party to distinguish between the two.

An envelope provided by Elections Canada must also be signed and dated with a declaration confirming you're at least 18 years old, a Canadian and that you haven't voted more than once otherwise the vote won't be counted.

Already, people across the country are showing their excitement for the vote by mail option, posting their feelings about it as well as reminders to various social media channels.

If you plan to vote by mail you should know that your ballot needs to be received by your local Elections Canada office before the close of polls on election day.

With early voting stations also opening up this weekend, there's a good chance that a large percentage of Canadians will have already voted by the time election day rolls around on September 20.

Many people who already applied for their mail-in  ballots reported getting them within a day or two, saying it has all moved far more efficiently than they expected.

Due to the huge numbers of Canadians expected to vote by mail this year the 2021 election results are not expected to be finalized until sometime after Sept. 20.

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