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Someone in Toronto set a dangerous fur trap to capture raccoons

Despite sometimes getting compared to being a concrete jungle, Toronto is also known for its share of beautiful wildlife.

Yet despite some iconic moments in Toronto lore coming from raccoons in the city, it seems some people detest these animals to the point of wishing harm.

Toronto Animal Services shocked many people earlier this week when they posted a photo of a leg hold trap typically used for fur trapping that someone had laid out in North York.

Tragically, the trap had already severely injured a raccoon before being found and Animal Services was forced to humanely put the furry critter to rest.

Beyond the dangers that traps like these can cause for raccoons and other mostly harmless animals that roam the city, many have also raised concern that someone's pet or even unaware child running through the grass may end up stepping on such a trap.

"Thankfully this type of occurrence is rare but when it happens, it is upsetting," Dr. Esther Attard, Director of Toronto Animal Services told blogTO.

"If you have a wildlife issue, property owners are encouraged to hire a reputable wildlife agent to help with removal."

Due to an ongoing investigation, Toronto Animal services isn't able to currently speculate on the origin of the trap, which was found near Keele and Sheppard.

Pet owners in this area have been encouraged to use caution and always keep their dogs on a leash, not to mention also limiting the exploration of outdoor cats.

Regulations regarding the use of traps are set by the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry. Needless to say, using them in urban environments is not permitted in their regulations.

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Yana Bukharova

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