highway 427 extension

The new Highway 427 extension is now open and here's what you need to know

The new extension to Highway 427 is officially opened as of Saturday. 

The new 10 km long extension travels from Finch Avenue to Major Mackenzie Drive, helping to reduce traffic congestion between these areas and offer a quicker, less stressful commute for anyone living or working in the area.

The new extension is expected to save 25 minutes per round trip for commuters now using the highway instead of roads in the neighbouring communities.

Nearly an extra half an hour of newly gained free time per day has surely got a few drivers smiling for when Monday's commute approaches.

A four kilometre long segment between Finch Ave and Highway 7 has also been widened to eight lanes along with an upgraded interchange into Highway 7.

The new expanded laneways are to account for the additional vehicles that are expected to be using the highway due to the new extension.

Two more interchanges will also be added along the extension near the Vaughan Intermodal Facility, allowing trucks and other large vehicles more room to maneuver and efficiently transport goods across the province.

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