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This is when fall colours are expected to arrive in Ontario this year

The arrival of fall colours in Ontario is something we can't help but be reminded of as summer ends, and for those of you that are looking out for it there are some handy guides to when it will happen this year.

The Fall Colour Report from Ontario Parks is one simple resource for figuring out when fall colours will happen.

At this point most parks are still emerald green with most of them last reporting on colours in early August, but there are updates from a couple.

Rondeau Park last reported on Aug. 26 that they're expecting colours to burst forth this month. Bright yellow of goldenrod, vibrant purple of Asters and brightly coloured grasses are some of the first signs of fall to watch for as the leaves start to turn.

Sturgeon Bay Park reported on Sept. 2 that poplar trees are starting to drop their leaves, a signal that an explosion of colours is around the corner.

As for other great views in the province, Restoule Provincial Park is supposed to be one of the best for seeing colours in the fall.

It's not far from Mikisew Provincial Park on the western shores of Eagle Lake, which is supposed to be an ideal fall camping destination with wooded grounds.

Another trusted resource is the annual Algonquin Park Fall Colour Report. The 2021 reporting has not yet officially begun but the website states that colours are expected to start changing in mid-September and peak before mid-October.

If you've had the privilege of venturing outside Toronto recently you'll notice fall colours are starting up in bursts a little more outside the city than in it, but there are still lots of great places to take in the autumn leaves once they arrive here.

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Ontario Parks

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