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Canadians will soon face stricter rules to get across the U.S. border

While Canadians are still banned from crossing into the U.S. by land, we have been able to fly to the country throughout the pandemic, though non-essential travel has been sternly discouraged and COVID-19 testing and quarantine measures make the trip difficult.

Now, new rules are set to make entry to America even harder for all foreign nationals, Canadians included, in just a matter of weeks.

White House Assistant Press Secretary Kevin Munoz announced in a tweet on Monday morning that any non-U.S. citizens or residents will need to be fully vaccinated against the virus to get into the country starting in early November.

"This is a strict measure aimed to stop the spread of COVID-19," Munoz wrote.

Much like the measures for foreign nationals coming to Canada, passengers will have to provide valid proof of vaccination before being allowed to board a U.S.-bound flight.

At this point, it is unclear which vaccines (or combination of vaccines for those of us who have received the famous Canadian mRNA cocktail) will be accepted as valid by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

What is also unclear about this new move is if and how it will apply at land border crossings, which Canada already opened up to fully vaxxed Americans early last month despite the fact that the Biden administration continues to bar all but essential travelers by land from both the north and south.

U.S. and Canadian politicians alike have been urging the president to end the ban, which is set to expire on Sept. 21, but could be extended yet again.

Currently, travelers from the U.K., India, China, the European Schengen area (which includes nearly 30 countries), Iran, South Africa, Ireland and Brazil are still waiting to be permitted back into the country, though those from the first three will be allowed by air starting at the same time that the new proof-of-inoculation restrictions come into effect.

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