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Bloordale Beach in Toronto is closing and it's being replaced by a new high school

Bloordale Beach in Toronto is closing after a year and a half due to a new high school being built on the land space. 

The unofficial beach was created in May 2020 as a community hub and a space for social distancing hangouts, as started by Toronto artist Shari Kasman

Kasman said beach-themed features were added to the empty lot, including sand, beach chairs, and signs suggesting that the space was a real beach. 

The property has been empty since 2019, and is owned by Toronto's District School Board (TDSB). 

Before this, Brockton high school and Ursula Franklin Academy previously stood on the land before being demolished. 

In July, the TDSB proposed that a community garden that sits on border of Bloordale Beach be removed due to the new high school being built. 

The garden closed down on Sept. 13, the beach is also set to close this month, so that construction can begin on the new high school, which will replace the nearby Bloor Collegiate Institute that is currently being prepared for demolition. 

A petition was created on to propose the new high school to be named after Bloordale Beach. 

So far, the petition has garnered just over 100 signatures, with many community members commenting on the fact that the neighbourhood has become sentimental about the space during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Martin Reis

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