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This is why there are birds flying inside Pearson Airport in Toronto

You're sitting down at Pearson Airport, when suddenly you hear a bird chirping and flying around the inside of the terminal. 

Where did it come from? How did it get in here? 

It's a regular common experience amongst travellers, especially in the springtime when birds are looking for areas to nest, a spokesperson for Pearson Airport said. 

Often times, birds fly in through the many sliding doors on both public and secure sides at the airport. 

On average, there's usually only one or two birds at a time being spotted in a specific location at the airport. 

The birds are usually looking for shelter on the inside or food. 

Pearson does not reccommend travellers feed the birds or leave out scraps of food to deter birds from crowding around it. 

If you do spot a bird, the airport has a team of Wildlife Control Officers who set live traps to safely capture them.  

The team is trained on how to find natural solutions to control wildlife on the airport's property, including ethical trapping, habitat manipulation and falconing which uses a falcon to naturally control birds. 

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B. Anderson

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