Toronto family reunited with missing pet bird after offering huge $5K reward

After more than a week of frantic searching, a devoted pet owner in Toronto has perhaps against all odds found their colourful love bird that went missing earlier this month — a reunion that was, no doubt, helped by a shockingly hefty reward.

Scarborough resident Tiffany took to the Toronto subreddit last week to spread the word about Bebe, a green and peach lovebird that flew away near Birchmount and Eglinton on Aug. 1.

Posted from u/lost-lovebird, an account completely devoted to the cause, the woman offered up $5,000 to anyone who could return the bird home alive.

The post quickly garnered more than 1,300 upvotes and 200 comments, with many surprised at the high sum being offered for the small feathery friend.

Responses ranged from earnest wishes for the pet's safe return to Dumb and Dumber references to commiseration from fellow avian aficionados, some of whom offered helpful advice for how to try and lure Bebe home.

"Y'all freaking our because it's a bird? These little guys have the intelligence of a small child," one person aptly pointed out as the post garnered progressively more attention and thus a large group of people who were looking out for the brightly-plumaged animal.

"They very much become a part of your family just as much as a dog or cat. $5k ain't much for family."

Within four days, the buzz (and a few more Reddit posts to raise awareness) paid off, with Bebe discovered in a parking lot about 6.5 km away from his house.

"It was a long six days but he made it out in great shape and was cared for by a loving family when they found him - now he's back at home and living his best life again!" the owner said in an update on Reddit on Sunday announcing that the bird was indeed alright.

"From our family to yours, thank you everyone for being on the lookout, asking us about Bebe, and keeping the discussion alive. We are so happy to have such an amazing community looking out for us and giving us the positivity and hope to never give up! !"

In speaking with blogTO after the happy homecoming, Tiffany said that she really did have to thank the Toronto Reddit group for its support in getting the word out and searching for the creature, who she was worried after so long was gone for good.

"It's really a miracle for a tiny bird to be found out of all odds and it was only possible because people kept the conversation going, and that's something I'm truly thankful for!" she said.

"Bebe is safe at home now and no reward is ever too big for reuniting family together!"

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