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Someone from Toronto just randomly got Spinner from Degrassi as their Uber driver

Driving or delivering food for a rideshare app such as Uber has proven to be a good side hustle for people needing some extra income, or even a viable full-time job for those who are in between positions or who lost their previous employment, as many did, over the course of the pandemic.

But of all of the characters who could be behind the wheel of your next ride, a local celebrity is likely far from who you'd expect— but still may be what you end up getting if the recent experience of one Toronto resident is anything to go by.

T.O.-born and raised promoter and musician Sally Wolf was lucky enough to have a surprise run-in with none other than Shane Warren Kippel, who played the rebel Spinner Mason in the beloved Toronto series Degrassi: The Next Generation, when she called an Uber from her apartment to her parent's house on Thursday afternoon.

"I recognized him from his voice because my girlfriend and I bingewatched Degrassi during lockdown," Wolf, who describes the star as "super chill" and kind, tells blogTO.

She of course had to say something, and after introductions, the duo ended up talking extensively about the city, about acting, about their shared Jewish heritage and, of course, about the show.

"We discussed growing up in Toronto and how perfectly Degrassi visually represented it in the '90s and early 2000s," Wolf detailed. She also made sure to inquire about whether Kippel is still friends with any of the Degrassi cast, which we all know includes illustrious A-lister Drake.

The actor revealed he actually participated in a Zoom reunion with his old peers recently, though he failed to expand further on whether Drizzy took part, or whether the two, — who were BFFs for the first four seasons of the show — still keep in touch.

Beaming from the random encounter, Wolf described it in a now-viral tweet as "like the 10th most Toronto thing to ever happen to me," though it's hard to imagine much else that could best it, especially for anyone who grew up watching local TV.

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