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This is what Ryerson University plans to do next now that it's decided to change its name

Whether you've been calling it Ryerson University or University "X" over the last few months, the Toronto institution will soon get a fresh identity.

Ryerson's announcement that the school will change its name and cut ties to its namesake comes after months of sustained pressure, tense protests and the symbolic toppling of the campus' Egerton Ryerson statue — a figure now being reevaluated for his role in the Indigenous residential school system.

Yesterday's news included a somewhat vague timeline, stating that the university intends to have a new name selected in time for the September 2022 semester.

Still, curiosity persists as to how this new name will be chosen and how the school will refer to itself in the over one-year interim period.

blogTO followed up with Ryerson, pressing for more details on the next steps. Their Public Relations and Communications office offered up some helpful tidbits, but little concrete evidence that there is an actual plan in place this early on.

The most notable detail is a confirmation that there will be no temporary renaming in the interim, representatives confirming that the school will "continue on as 'Ryerson University' until a new name can be chosen."

There has been much speculation about how that naming process will unfold. Ryerson is staying tight-lipped about any early candidate names or a plan for nominating and selecting replacement names.

"The University will share more details on the process and timeline to rename in the coming weeks," a representative for Ryerson tells blogTO.

"A renaming process will take time, care, and effort to do it right, but it is our hope that a new name will be announced by the end of this 21/22 academic year."

"As we have done all along during this, we want to make sure the process is approached in a community-informed and meaningful way."

In lieu of an interim name, the school's namesake will be downplayed until a new name is announced.

"In recognition of the harm the current university name causes members of our community, we are taking immediate steps to no longer commemorate Egerton Ryerson, and we will post an acknowledgement to the coming name change on our websites and with signage throughout the campus."

blogTO asked Ryerson whether the school would discontinue sales of branded merchandise, information that the school's Public Relations and Communications office could not confirm.

Even without confirmation, it's unlikely that the campus store's Eggy the Ram plush toys will be flying off the shelves any time soon.

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