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Ryerson changes name of FCAD to The Creative School and students aren't having it

A not-so-creative name choice has people at Ryerson University wondering why the change in the first place.

This week Ryerson University announced the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) has been changed to The Creative School effective Aug. 16. FCAD encompasses a range of creative programs including acting, dance, film, interior design, photography and media studies.

Changing names is not a bad idea —the university is named after Ryerson, a man known as the architect behind Canada’s residential school system, and that should be changed sooner rather than later.

But the school has instead focused on an admittedly bland and not so apt name.

The FCAD name change comes after "two years of rigorous research, consultations with industry professionals, and input from the FCAD community that overall supported the revised brand positioning and comprehensive definition of creativity."

"The Creative School as a name is providing us with a clearer, cohesive and impactful message, helping us to build on our reputational equity, attract calibre talent, pursue increased funding, and maintain our competitive edge," says Charles Falzon, dean of The Creative School.

But the name change is not sitting well with former students.

"One of the most pointless name changes of all time," wrote one person on Twitter.

"The Creative School". Really? How lame.. that's hardly creative!” another person noted.

Current students are not happy about the change either.

"Like how do I tell friends and family that I go to the creative school at Ryerson?" one student wrote. "Who let this happen I'm so embarrassed."

Others feel the name change reaffirms their choice to leave the school.

"Ryerson rename FCAD "the creative school" feels very life affirming for my decision to drop out of journalism," one person wrote.

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