justin trudeau in missisauga

People worried about capacity limits at crowded Trudeau event in Mississauga

Still on the very hurried campaign trail, Liberal Leader Justin Trudau today made a stop in Mississauga, where his message somewhat drowned out by a few key distractions — namely, detractors who appeared on site, and some concerns of overcrowding at the venue.

While visiting local Syrian Bakery Nafisa Middle Eastern Cuisine on Queen St. near Britannia Rd., the prime minister was met by relatively small crowds of both supporteers and critics outside, some of whom booed and yelled things like "you're garbage, Trudeau!"

This has been happening at many of his campaign stops so far, including in Coburg, where the division and tensions between those present was palpable.

Apart from the drama ensuing outside, there were also some issues inside the business, as reporters cited feeling as if they were in unsafely close quarters.

Under Step 3 of Ontario's reopening, which we entered six weeks ago now, there are no limits on the number of patrons permitted inside a restaurant, so long as a physical distance of at least two metres can be maintained between them (unless plexiglass or another such barrier is installed between parties).

Many of those listening to Trudeau took to social media to share about their discomfort for how close they were crammed inside.

"I am fully vaccinated, as are my reporter colleagues. We were all wearing masks. But respectfully, I don’t want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them during a fourth wave as an immune compromised journalist trying to do my job," one Globe & Mail reporter tweeted.

A peer counted 33 people and noted "virtually no" distancing in the space, noting that those present were mostly journalists, Trudeau's security and bakery staff.

One person present inquired about the fact that there appeared to be more than 25 people present in the room, while indoor private gatherings (though not public events, such as concerts) are currently subject to a capacity limit of 25.

"Are you breaking the spirit if not the letter of the law?" the individual asked.

Trudeau dodged the question by instead talking about the importance of vaccination.

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