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Ontario police ask criminals not to flush drugs down toilet after coke stash clogs pipe

We can all relate to getting a little anxious when being pulled over or otherwise dealing with the cops, and maybe even making some less-than-intelligent decisions as a result, whether or not we are guilty.

For those who are guilty, though, there is (of course) way more of an impetus to panic — and the need to get rid of any evidence.

After a lengthy investigation and subsequent drug bust at multiple locations in the Toronto area, a group of criminals learned the hard way that some ways of disposing of illicit product in a hurry are far less effective than others.

York Regional Police shared news of the bust on Tuesday, entreating anyone with a massive amount of drugs in their possession not to try and flush them down the toilet in the event of a raid.

"An important tip: trying to flush a lot of coke might just clog the toilet," the force jokingly tweeted out this morning along with details and photo evidence of the bust.

Search warrants carried out in Vaughan, Newmarket and Toronto yielded five firearms plus multiple replica guns; brass knuckles, tasers and knives; scales and packaging materials; plus a hefty amount of crystal meth, heroin, fentanyl, magic mushrooms, opioid pills and cocaine, the latter of which the dealers unsuccessfully attempted to flush last-second.

Sadly for them and happily for law enforcement, the 115 g — which appeared to be divided into multiple baggies for trafficking — did not go down easily, as anyone with common sense could have predicted.

A 25-year-old, a 35-year-old and a 51-year-old face multiple charges, including possession for the purpose of trafficking, meaning their plans for the future are now completely down the drain.

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York Regional Police

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