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Ontario man accused of running over neighbour who urinated on his front lawn

Some people take the states of their front lawns incredibly seriously — to the point where they'll scream at any cute dog who dares to slow down and sniff the grass.

It can be (rightfully) argued that doggies mean no harm when they make yellow patches, but humans know better... most of us, anyway.

Police in London, Ontario, are seeking the public's assistance with a "Dangerous Operation causing Bodily Harm" investigation after a 38-year-old man hit one of his neighbours with his car.

Authorities allege that the man got into his vehicle and purposely struck the victim, causing said victim "to be thrown a number of meters and sustain a gash to the back of his head."

His motive? The man he ran over had reportedly been peeing on his front lawn.

"On Friday, July 30th 2021 London Police were called to an address in the east end for a male that had been struck by a car," reported the London Police Service on Monday.

"Police attended in an emergency fashion and upon investigating found that this incident was the result of a neighbour urinating on another neighbours front lawn. The homeowner responded by getting into his vehicle and purposefully striking the male with his vehicle."

I mean, damn — that's one way to deal with a crappy (or rather, "pissy") neighbour, but it's certainly not a safe one.

The 38-year-old man who retaliated against the urinating neighbour has been charged with Dangerous Operation of a Vehicle causing Bodily Harm — a criminal offence that, if proven in court, carries with it a penalty of up to ten years in prison.

As for the urinator, the severity of his injuries is unclear, but suffice it to say he'll use a toilet next time. One would hope.

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