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Dog deliberately shot in Texas now up for adoption in Toronto

Two dogs up for adoption in Toronto had a rough go in life and both use wheelchairs but still have a lot of love to give.

The dogs Elevado and Fuji are currently looking for forever homes with the Toronto-based rescue Redemption Paws.

Elevado, a two-year-old, 45-pound, Shepard mix dog, had a particularly cruel and horrible start in life that left her paralyzed, Redemption Paws founder and executive director Nicole Simone tells blogTO.

"Elevado was shot intentionally with a shotgun and paralyzed from the 'waist' down," Simone says.

Simone doesn't have all the details but Elevado was found bleeding and had been shot multiple times in the hind end. The shooting happened in west Texas and it was an unusually extreme case of animal cruelty.

"Some people get off on being awful to animals," Simone says.

Redemption Paws heard about Elevado through one of their partner rescue organizations in Texas. There was no chance of her getting adopted in Texas so she came to Canada in early July.

She uses a wheelchair and can't go to the bathroom on her own but she is a sweet dog.

"She has got an amazing spirit, she is the nicest, greatest dog," she says.

Whoever adopts her will have to be compassionate and committed. She wears diapers and will need help going to the bathroom.

"We are just hoping to find her a place in Ontario with somebody who is just going to look past the abuse that she went through and the disability."

Fuji, a seven-year-old, Chihuahua mix dog who just arrived on Aug. 8, was hit by a car, crumpling her back legs. Simone doesn't have more details on the incident.

Fuji was also in Texas and waiting for a home for a year. She is energetic and has adjusted well to using a wheelchair.

The rescues Redemption Paws partners with in Texas have more dogs than they can get adopted. One shelter brings in about 4,000 stray dogs a year in a town of about 25,000 people, she says. So dogs with physical disabilities have little chance of finding permanent homes in these areas.

Both Elevado and Fuji are friendly, well-mannered dogs and they deserve a second chance in life, she says. Those interested in adopting either of these dogs can check out the Redemption Paws adoptables page.

"Elevado and Fuji are incredibly resilient and trusting of people despite the abuse and neglect they have received in life."

Since this post was written in August of 2021 there have been concerns raised about Redemption Paws. An article in the Toronto Star on March 2, 2022 outlines some of the complaints.

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