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Toronto ranked the 19th most honest city in the world but only second in Canada

According to a new study, Toronto is one of the world's most honest cities.

The study looked at six different factors when calculating the Honest City Index. Car dealer reviews, civic honesty, perception of theft, and transparency in government, economy and society. 

While car dealership reviews being included in this study may raise a few eyebrows, it was actually the factor that inspired the study as a whole.

The research suggests that cities that have positive relationships with car dealers likely value honesty and transparency as a whole over other cities where car dealers were perceived to be scammers or greasy salespeople.

Overall, 350 cities were looked at throughout the study, with each city being given a score between 50-100 for each of the six contributing factors. 

A number of other studies were used to calculate some of these scores, such as the wallet test experiment, which involved dropping 17,000 wallets in various cities to see how many would get returned. 

Zurich, Tokyo, and Adelaide were deemed the three most honest cities in the world, with Zurich receiving a perfect score in 3/6 categories.

Toronto found itself in 19th, with Ottawa being the lone Canadian city to finish further ahead, slotting in at 14th on the list.

Vancouver and Calgary finished just behind Toronto at 20th and 21st, with Edmonton and Montreal both also placing within the top 75.

The most surprising result may be Las Vegas sliding into the list at 73rd overall, a shockingly high ranking for a place that calls itself the City of Sin. 

Here are the rankings of the top 25 honest cities in the world according to this study:

  1. Zurich
  2. Tokyo
  3. Adelaide
  4. Phoenix
  5. Hamburg
  6. Amsterdam
  7. Munich
  8. Copenhagen
  9. Edinburgh
  10. Brisbane
  11. Denver
  12. Portland
  13. Vienna
  14. Ottawa
  15. Leipzig
  16. Louisville
  17. Auckland
  18. Seattle
  19. Toronto
  20. Vancouver
  21. Calgary
  22. Stuttgart
  23. San Diego
  24. Cologne
  25. Prague
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