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Toronto's Green P parking lots are getting a design makeover

The Toronto Parking Authority manages or owns 35 different parking garages across the city, many of which were manufactured and installed back in the '70s and '80s, and they'll likely soon be getting a much-needed upgrade.

The TPA is proposing a number of wayfinding and signage improvements to bring Toronto's parking garages into the 21st century, starting with three pilot locations: 20 St. Andrew St. (Kensington Garage), 2 Church St. (St. Lawrence Garage) and 74 Clinton St. (Little Italy). 

These spots were chosen as pilot locations for having high traffic, being dated, having signage in poor physical condition, having outdated brand and colour standards, and not being energy efficient. 

While the proposed changes for each location differ slightly, all are based on four key recommendations: an improved street presence, consolidated information, a deliberate use of colour, and an elevated focus on the customer to drive trial and repeat purchases. 

For instance, the TPA is proposing new street signage for each garage in an effort to improve visibility and clarity.

The TPA is also proposing that regulatory messages, such as speed limits and safety warnings, be integrated into the entry gateway to reduce clutter.

green p parking

Regulatory messages would be integrated into the entry gateway.

Inpsired by Bike Share docking stations, the pilot project would also see digital rate boards installed. 

green p parking

New digital rate boards would be installed in parking garages.

One of the main changes proposed for these locations is improved, illuminated signage for best visibility, and colour-coded wall graphics would also be implemented to help with pedestrian wayfinding.

green p parking

New illuminated signage would be installed.

The garages would also feature brand new information hubs located near pay stations or elevators, complete with payment instructions, local area information and a platform for TPA promotions or third party ads.

green p parking

New information hubs would be installed near pay stations or elevators.

An accent design, featuring a collage pattern of street names customized based on the garage's location, would also be located on a prominent wall at elevator lobbies and pay stations.

green p parking

Accent walls featuring street names would be installed.

Fabrication and installation of these changes will begin once the TPA receives approval at the board meeting on Sept. 29.

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