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Here's what a Toronto bar with Dundas in their name thinks about the renaming decision

With the city of Toronto recommending changing the name of Dundas Street due to it being named after someone with deep rooted ties to slavery, a number of people have wondered what the change means for businesses along Dundas.

It goes without saying that most of the businesses will need to update their website, online presence, and marketing materials should the name change take place. However, a number of businesses along the street also have Dundas located within their name.

While it could still be some time until a name change occurs, it's certainly an issue that many business owners are sure to already be considering. Some already have a plan in place, while others still plan to wait and see if any change does in fact occur.

"We will change the moment the street's name changes," Antonio Blaic, owner of Dundas and Carlaw told blogTO.

"The whole point of the name is because it's located on the corner of Dundas and Carlaw and it's representing the neighbourhood."

However, a number of other business owners who asked to remain anonymous stated they feel it feels like a no-win situation for them, and are currently more concerned over surviving the final stretch of the pandemic without the added worry of a potential name change.

Over the past year and a half, there's been many changes to the city as businesses have closed, moved, and rebranded several times over. However even with lockdown approaching an end, it seems that plenty more changes are still to come.

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