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Ripley's Aquarium is reopening in Toronto

After a reopening attempt last year that led to some extremely unfortunate results, Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto is taking every precaution possible as it prepares to once again reopen.

While many attractions across the city found themselves reopening this weekend as a result of the province entering Step 3 of its reopening plan, Ripley's has delayed its return an extra week.

The Aquarium will officially open again on Saturday, July 24, with tickets going on sale on July 19. You'll be able to select a 60-minute arrival window but there are no restrictions for how long you can stay within the aquarium. 

The safety precautions being taken include mandatory masks at all times, everyone staying two metres apart from other groups, hand sanitizer stations, and the suspension of programs, shows, tours, and a number of interactive exhibits.

That said, Ripley's does hope that the next few months will see the return of some of its most popular programs. 

"For the safety of our guests and team members we have put our programming on hold, however we are hoping to restart our popular Jazz Night event in September, so stay tuned!" Peter Doyle, General Manager at Ripley's told blogTO.

While the interactive exhibits may remain closed, there are still over 20,000 marine creatures including sharks, green sea turtles, sawfish, and rays waiting to be seen swimming through the aquarium. 

The last year and a half has been so strange that everyone has felt like a fish out of water, so there's some comfort in seeing a fish back in the water at Ripley's.

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Andrew Williamson

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