wheat fins

Some mysterious shark fins have emerged in the middle of an Ontario wheat field

If you've driven through Dublin, Ontario, in recent days, you may have noticed a bizarre sight that would make anyone do a double take — what appears to be giant shark fins poking out of fields of wheat.

Residents can rest assured that their eyes are not deceiving them, as the tenant on one plot of land in the small community about two hours west of Toronto has decided to bring a bit of much-needed levity to the dark days of COVID-19.

Deemed "great wheat sharks," the display is the work of Anne Melady, who told the London Free Press that she was inspired by a similar installation in a field in nearby Erin, Ontario, last year that made her smile.

"We need some fun," she told the news outlet of her new project along Highway 8, for which she's cut various fin shapes out of large pieces of plywood, painted them black and erected them a bit back from the roadway to some serious Jaws effect.

Her handiwork seems to be inspiring smiles and laughs from random passersby, and is also hilariously well-timed given that Discovery Channel's famed Shark Week just ended.

Anyone who is lucky enough to spot the wheat sharks swaying along with the crops around them is, of course, encouraged to snap a photo and share it to get in on the amusement.

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