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Humane society in Toronto just rescued kittens and are desperate to find foster parents

A Toronto humane society has posted that they are desperate for foster parents for at least eight kittens after rescuing them from a property with 25 cats and their babies.

Etobicoke Humane Society, a volunteer-run no kill shelter, made the post Monday, saying "We are desperate for fosters. If you've been thinking about applying please do so." A photo shows a picture of what looks to be eight kittens.

The kittens were rescued from a rural area where they were trapped, and the Humane Society notes that they won't be social and might need meds.

As the shelter is mostly closed due to the pandemic, the kittens actually aren't even in their care yet and need homes as quickly as possible since they are able to have very few animals and volunteers at their physical building right now.

"If we're not able to secure foster homes we won't be able to take the kittens in," director of communications for Etobicoke Humane Society Tori Gass tells blogTO.

"We won't be taking in all of the kittens as other rescues will likely be involved."

They had made a post to their social media just days before that about "kitten season" already being in full swing.

"Many of our foster homes will be occupied for several weeks/months which will limit our ability to save adult cats who may need us," reads the post.

"While are happy and able to help these babies and in some cases their mamas we certainly don't want to leave behind a cat that may have nowhere else to go."

They primarily need long-term fosters who have the time needed to socialize skittish or fearful cats with their tips and support, have no other pets, and have experience in administering medication to cats.

You also need to have a safe home free of toxic plants, keep the cat indoors at all times, provide weekly email updates to EHS and drive the cat to vet appointments at partner vets in east Mississauga and Etobicoke as instructed. You can apply to be a foster through their website.

Lead photo by

Etobicoke Humane Society

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