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The Financial District in Toronto is starting to show signs of coming back to life

After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, businesses and restaurants in the downtown core are opening again and we are taking this as a sign that the city is healing. 

Some businesses that are now open in the Financial District include old favourites like Pilot Coffee Rosters and Forna Cultura, as well as new establishments like The Rabbit Hole.

Many businesses located in hubs like First Canadian Place serve a large percentage of people who work in the connecting office buildings. Due to stay-at-home orders, people have not been working from the office for quite some time now.

Since Toronto announced its plan to bring downtown workers back to the office the buzzing downtown city life is showing signs of returning. 

Executive Director of the Toronto Financial District BIA, Grant Humes said "Each stage of re-opening brings us closer to becoming the vibrant and dynamic Financial District we know so well. We'll see even more retailers open their doors as office workers begin moving back into the core. This is just the beginning."

The vibrance of the downtown core is slowly starting to increase as people return to the office and visit the businesses they know and love.

Marketing Manager at Pilot Coffee Roaters, Trevor Walsh told blogTO that "80 per cent of the foot traffic on the first day of reopening have been familiar faces, our regulars that are reintroducing us into their daily routine again"

Businesses have re-modelled their day-to-day operations to ensure COVID guidelines are intact and to create the best customer experience. 

Pilot Coffee Roasters has introduced an app where people can order ahead for contactless pick-up. 

Here is to seeing the City of Toronto get back on its feet and in the right directi0n fully reopeing. 

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Fareen Karim

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