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TTC might totally overhaul its fares and here are the changes it's considering

The TTC has let it be known that fare prices may be going... down?

After years and years of fare price increases, the TTC and York Region Transit (YRT) are working together to develop new five and ten year plans that could see some major changes coming to how fares are paid and how much they cost.

Primarily, the TTC is working to make things more accessible and equitable for everyone in the city. Changes made will be done so in an effort to make services and facilities acessible to any customers with freedom to travel anywhere on the transit system.

Some of the things being considered include capping fares at a daily, weekly, or monthly maximum, providing free trips once those limits are reached, time of day pricing and making the TTC cheaper on nights or weekends when it's less busy.

There have also been discussions to integrate services between the TTC and YRT so that customers transferring wouldn't have to pay a second fair, and even distance-based pricing on the subway, allowing for short trips to be offered at a discount.

A number of people and organizations are being consulted to ensure that a variety of voices are heard.

This includes TTC board members, staff, Metrolinx, Presto, the City of Toronto's Poverty Reduction Office and Transit Fare Equity Forum Members, as well as public consultations and a number of other social agencies and equity seeking groups.

Currently, the plan is for the recommended 5-Year Fare Policy and 10-Year Fare Collection Outlook to be before the Board in October 2021.

Until then, the TTC is analyzing a number of factors that will determine these policy proposals including affordability, equity, fare integration, revenue and ridership.

For a city that has a real love/hate relationship with its transit, it's encouraging to see the TTC actively working towards improving things, and making the whole experience more affordable.

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Hector Vasquez

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