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Summer in Toronto expected to have more sunny days than usual this year

Dry in the west, wet in the east, and plenty of uncertainty in between: The Weather Network just dropped its official 2021 Summer Forecast for Canada and things are looking volatile.

"Our summer forecast features great weather for enjoying the beach and backyard barbecues, as most of Canada will see near-normal or above-normal temperatures, and more than the typical number of sunny days," reads the forecast.

"However, there is a downside for areas where we expect a hot and dry summer."

Meteorologists say that drought conditions will be a "major concern" across the southern Prairies, bringing on the risk of wildfires and poor air quality. Meanwhile, hurricane season is expected to be "active" in Atlantic Canada.

East coasters can expect sweltering temperatures and plenty of moisture, but Ontario residents? We shouldn't really expect anything at this point, except for lots of sun.

"The area of greatest uncertainty is across Ontario," reads the network's annual summer forecast for 2021. "It would not come as a surprise if the hot weather to the west shifted far enough to the east to bring a hot summer all the way to Ontario as well."

"However, we cannot ignore the numerous models and our own research which highlights the potential for periods of cooler weather during July and August that could more than offset the periods of hot weather."

Meteorologists are expected to update their forecast later this month with more timely predictions for the summer beyond June, which is shaping up to be lovely with warmer than normal temps expected.

Right now, all they will say for certain (or as certain as a weather forecaster can be) is that Toronto and Ottawa will experience "an abundance of sunshine" this summer.

Whether that's accompanied by "near-normal or above-normal temperatures," as predicted right now, or swing wildly toward one end of the thermometer and the other, remains up in the air.

As the Weather Network reiterates: "Our confidence in the summer forecast is lower across southern and central Ontario than it is elsewhere across Canada."

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