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People in Toronto furious after CN Tower lights up with Montreal Canadiens colours

Residents of Toronto are far from enthused with the team behind the CN Tower's light show today after the attraction was illuminated with the colours of the Montreal Canadiens — our home hockey team's primary rivals — on Tuesday evening.

Many were downright appalled when the landmark's staff tweeted around 2 p.m. yesterday that the top of the building would be lit up in red, blue and white to honour the Habs and "Canada's hope for a 2021 NHL Stanley Cup!" — a post that has since gotten thousands of likes, RTs and replies.

Those with a view of the tower who didn't get the memo beforehand found themselves in an even greater of shocked disbelief upon seeing it (though, to be fair, it didn't look all that different than any other night).

Naturally, people took their outrage online, calling the move "embarrassing for the city," a bad move and vowing to never visit the landmark again.

Many are pointing out that it's less about the fact that the tower is honouring another team, and more about which team they chose to honour.

Just as the rivalry between the teams runs deep, so did the division on the issue.

Even the Canadiens' official Twitter account decided to jump in on the fun, which only served to stoke tensions further.

"Good morning Habs fans and also the CN Tower," the team tweeted in French and English Wednesday morning.

But while the majority of the sentiments shared were ones condemning the decision, there were those that pointed out who the landmark really belongs to — that is, all of Canada, and not just Toronto.

Others also chimed in to speculate on the apparent bitterness Leafs fans still have about getting eliminated in round 1 of the playoffs by the Habs in Game 7 just over a week ago — and also to note that it was this bitterness and the inability to cheer on another Canadian team that is really the bad look here.

Then there were a few who may have been just too free and blunt with the truth, like the person who made the apt jab "Maybe if your boys didn't blow the lead it would be white and blue. But they did. And it wasn't."

Though Leafs fans perhaps shouldn't have been surprised at their recent loss, their home tower commemorating the team that knocked them out of the running for the Stanley Cup did feel, understandably, like salt in the wound.

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