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People in Toronto are furious about the racist mask this man wore on the Dufferin bus

Images of a man riding the 29 Dufferin bus while wearing a disposable facemask emblazoned with the hand-drawn words "Fuck Dirty China"are tearing up Instagram today as people express their displeasure with the overt display of racism.

The photos were originally snapped and shared to IG on Monday by a local cardiac technologist named Marci.

"This afternoon while riding the 29 Dufferin bus, this excuse for a human got on with a mask saying 'F*** Dirty China'," she wrote in the caption of a post including three photos of the man and his mask.

"Toronto is a very multicultural city with a large Chinese population and this is what anti-Asian racism looks like. It's not always about violence, but it is always about hate."

In the post, which was promptly reshared by a popular diversity-forward account with more than 140,000 followers called jackfroot, Marci encouraged her own followers to help find out who the man is.

"Share this until he gets the point that there's zero tolerance for his crap," she wrote, a proposed move which many in the comments enthusiastically expressed support for.

"How pathetic. Thank you for sharing and bringing awareness to the fact there are ignorant fools like this person out there," wrote one. "People don't think trash like him exist in diverse cities, especially Toronto, but clearly they do."

"A lot of these guys don't realize that their hate for others is way worse than dirt," wrote another commenter. "They're a permanent stain to society."

While group vigilantism is never wise or even helpful when it comes to problems like these, people are also using the comments section of both posts to share their support for victims of racism, and express empathy for the poor people who had to witness such heinous remarks while going about their daily commutes.

"He is trying to antagonize and start something cause his simple mind needs something to blame for his miserable life," wrote one commenter.

"I hate this. Absolutely hate it," said another. "Why? What does he get from that. I'm so sad at all the hate towards Asians. Jesus."

While reports of anti-East Asian racism have been on the rise in Toronto and elsewhere since the pandemic first hit (a phenomenon that's wrong, misguided and just seriously stupid), seeing someone confidently display such a brazenly hateful message on their face in public is particularly disturbing.

If reaction to the photos posted this week on IG are any indication, Toronto residents won't stand for it — and they'll be sure to let the man (and probably his employer) know once they track him down.

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