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More disturbing video surfaces in case of Toronto police assaulting Black TTC rider

Two Toronto police officers are currently facing charges of assault after an incident in which they were filmed choking and stepping on a Black TTC rider.

A bus driver on a Scarborough route called authorities in December 2019 claiming that passenger Chase Richards had not paid his fare, was being disorderly and would not leave the vehicle when asked.

Within seconds of responding to the call, detective Christopher Hutchings had Richards pinned up against the bus window and then down in a seat by the throat — as seen in security footage just recently released to the public — a hold that the force has not been taught to use and that is known to potentially lead to serious injury.

After nearly 30 seconds of the respiratory neck restraint, Hutchings wrestles Richards to the ground and holds the man there face-down with his knee for another minute or so.

Later still, the detective is seen sitting in a bus seat with his foot resting on Richards' back as he talks to his partner, Detective Jason Tanouye.

And now, even more video has emerged that shows Richards getting booked in at the station — and having his claims of assault and injury completely dismissed by attending officers.

In the footage, a court exhibit obtained by CTV News on Thursday, the citizen can be heard saying Hutchings choked him out on the bus and that he can "hardly breathe right now."

"Stop, stop, stop," a booking sergeant cuts him off, continuing on to say that as far as Richards' health was concerned, "you look pretty good to me."

The agent also seems to have a sarcastic reaction to Richards' claims of experiencing "trauma" at the hands of the other cops.

"There's not a scratch, no marks, abrasions, no swelling, do you agree?" the officer states, to which Richards replies, "You're not a doctor."

The video is being used to further prove how Richards was mistreated at the hands of police, as far too many BIPOC residents have been in various encounters in recent memory.

Charges against the commuter for mischief and causing a public disturbance were eventually dropped — he was also found to have actually paid his fare by tap upon entering the rear doors of the bus — while charges of both assault and attempting to obstruct justice have been brought against Hutchings and Tanouye.

Hutchings' assault trial is currently ongoing.

Lead photo by

Ontario Court of Justice via CTV News

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