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Escaped llama shuts down traffic on major Toronto highway

All lanes of Highway 400 between Toronto and Barrie have now reopened following a brief closure due to some llama drama.

Ontario Provincial Police say that a white llama was found wandering alone along the eight-lane highway near King City on Wednesday evening and even shared photos to prove it.

"Are you missing your Lama?" wrote the OPP Highway Safety Division on Twitter when sharing two images of the adorable farm animal, who appeared to be in good spirits.

"Please come get him/her and bring your trailer. It appears to be healthy and not hurt... If you have a horse trailer we could use your assistance."

Officers were first called to the scene around 8 p.m. on Wednesday, according to Global News, where they located the llama in a southbound lane of the 400 between King Road and 16th Sideroad.

Crews subsequently blocked off all lanes of the highway, save for the HOV lane, as police tried to apprehend the animal.

Video from an Ontario highway traffic camera shows the confident creature sauntering alongside trucks and police cars as officers gently attempt to shepherd it with their cruisers.

Eventually, they succeeded in bringing the llama to safety.

By 9 p.m, the llama had been ushered off the highway, where it kindly posed for pictures with police officers and helpful wranglers.

Police announced just before 11 p.m. that the llama had been "reunited with its family." Apparently, it had escaped from a nearby farm.

The OPP shared a video of the llama getting plenty of pets while waiting to go home, and then making its way into a trailer on the side of the highway.

Officers can be heard remarking in the clip that this was the first llama they'd ever dealt with as police, but the huge smiles on their faces suggest that it was a fun assignment.  

Lead photo by

Ontario Provincial Police

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