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Woman spits in man's face amid dispute over Toronto parking spot

Finding somewhere to park near the Toronto waterfront on a busy afternoon be stressful, no doubt, but never should the experience involve someone spitting in your face — especially while society remains crippled by a highly-contagious virus that spreads through respiratory droplets.

And yet, here we are, more than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic and seemingly angrier as a populace than ever before.

Video footage uploaded to Facebook on Monday demonstrates just how frustrated and nasty some people are getting as lockdown orders drag on (or maybe its star subject has always been super road ragey, I don't know).

A person who does not want to be named due to privacy concerns (we'll call him "M") says he was backing his vehicle into a street parking spot in the Humber Bay Shores area of Etobicoke this weekend when he saw a woman "vigorously moving her hands" as if to tell him not to park there.

The woman and her husband allegedly contended that the spot was rightfully theirs, as they had spotted it earlier and intended to reverse into it as well.

"I was halfway in and this lady came and stood behind my car," said M to blogTO on Tuesday. "I could not reverse any further."

M says the couple's car was "way ahead" of his on the road, making it evident that they had driven past the spot and missed their chance.

Not wanting any drama, M says he was simply going to drive away and let the couple have the dang spot — but the woman got aggressive, approaching his car and telling him to "shut up and get out."

"I turned off my engine and stood there while she went ranting and abusing. A gentleman who was walking his dog had an argument with her as well. He told her she was wrong and she should just leave," said M.

"Her husband came and started talking to me, repeating that 'this was their parking spot,' to which I told him that it was a car parking spot not a human parking spot."

Meanwhile, M says the woman had started to scream, make obscene gestures and spit on the hood of his car. It was at this point that the husband tried to convince his wife to leave. She declined.

After a bit of back and forth that included M threatening to film the woman's behaviour with his phone if she didnt' back off, the woman walked away with her husband — only to run back toward M's car. That's when he started filming for real.

What we see in the clip is the woman flipping M the bird, walking up to his open window and spitting into his car.

"You b*tch!" he exclaims. "You can't do that! You can't spit on people like that!"

The woman's husband, clearly displeased, yells at the wife and follows her back to their vehicle. She is seen periodically turning back to chirp M and give him the middle finger while her husband tries to usher her along.

"I never expected her to actually go ahead and spit on me," says M. "I thought seeing me recording would discourage her from doing anything stupid, but I guess I was wrong."

Furious, he says he tried to lodge a complaint with the city, but was told that what he described was an act of assault and that he should contact police.

"I called Toronto police as the incident was reported in Toronto, but they said that because I live in Mississuaga, I should contact Peel police. Peel police said that because the incident took place in Toronto, they could not register the complaint."

So, in an effort to prevent the woman from harassing other people in the future, Mposted the video online to a Facebook page called Indians in Toronto. The post was later removed by mods who cited it as violent content, but copies of the clip have been circulating through other Facebook pages and on Instagram.

Commenters are, on the whole, disgusted by what the clip portrays.

"Wow, this is disgraceful! Whether she is criminally charged or not, as this video goes viral, she will be vilified in the Court of Public Opinion," wrote one person in the Humber Bay Shores Discussion group.

"Gonna have to go get checked now for Karenavirus," joked another.

As for M, he's disappointed to witness someone in Canada behaving in such a vicious manner.

"I have moved to Canada in hope of a better future, and so far have been so happy here with all the love and affection of the Canadian people," he tells blogTO.

"But this kind of an incident makes one question about how safe one actually is in Canada... where in broad daylight some one can spit on another person without any fear of the consequences of his or her action."

"My faith at the moment is a bit shaken," M continues. "How can one human behave like this with another, specially in the tough times that we all are going through?"

Parking in Toronto. That's how.

A previous version of this article identified the man who was spat at by his first and last name. These names have been removed by request of the subject due to overwhelming response.

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