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Trudeau says Canadians might be able to travel outside the country again this summer

Vaccine passport or no vaccine passport, it looks like Canadians may finally be able to partake in international travel again this summer after more than a year of being urged against so much as leaving their own homes.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered up a glimmer of hope during a press conference in Ottawa on Tuesday while speaking about which kind of documentation people will need to travel with in the future, both into and out of Canada.

Nothing concrete has been decided (or at least publicized), but Trudeau did say his government is in talks with other countries about the prospect of what many are referring to as "vaccine passports."

"It would make sense for us to align with partners around the world on some sort of proof of vaccination or vaccine certification," said Trudeau to reporters.

"We are now working will allies, particularly in Europe on that... but ultimately, it is up to every country to determine what requirements they expect from incoming travellers."

Trudeau says Canada is "looking very carefully" at prospective solutions in the hopes of aligning with allied countries, but mentioned — perhaps a bit ominously — that he "can't speak for the United States and the choices they might make around who to welcome into their country."

Either way, he predicts that Canadians will start to travel again this summer, "if everything goes well."

But not yet — please, not yet.

"Now is not the time for travel," stressed the Prime Minister on Tuesday as hot spots across the country continue to battle new outbreaks of COVID-19. "We are all hopeful we're going to be able to get back to normal in the coming months and start travelling again but the reality is we're not there yet."

"We're still very much in a third wave," said Trudeau. "We still need to get more and more people vaccinated across this country and get those numbers down."

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