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Toronto police lay hundreds of charges after breaking up parties this past weekend

Toronto's dedicated enforcement teams were out in full force this weekend in an effort to break up illegal parties and help stop the spread of COVID-19 — and they certainly had plenty to keep them busy. 

Police Chief James Ramer tweeted Monday that officers laid a total of 221 charges related to non-compliance with emergency orders, including some criminal code charges, on just Friday and Saturday alone in Toronto.

"Our enforcement efforts continue," he wrote. "Please continue to stay home and stay safe."

This comes after police issued a similar update last Friday in which they reported laying 230 Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) charges in the the dedicated enforcement teams' first week of operation, and they also warned against attending gatherings over the weekend.

"As we head in to the weekend, we are discouraging anyone who is thinking of attending or hosting a gathering, and reminding them that, if they do, they may very well expect the police in attendance as well," inspector Matt Moyer said in the release.

"Please work with us to keep the city safe. Don't attend parties or large gatherings. Stay home and stay safe."

But not everyone heeded the warnings, evidently, and police busted a number of large indoor events at short-term rentals and in closed bars and restaurants this past weekend as a result. 

Under the current provincial restrictions, both indoor and outdoor gatherings with people from different households are completely banned, and anyone caught attending one could face a fine of $750 while organizers could be fined $10,000.

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