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Toronto police hailed as heroes after saving man dangling from window of high-rise

Heart-pounding video footage is circulating today of police rescuing a distressed man dangling from the side of a high-rise building in midtown Toronto.

The building in question appears to be the old Roehampton Hotel at Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton. Now called the Roehampton Residence, it was transformed by the City of Toronto last year into a temporary shelter for people experiencing homelessness.

Police from TPS 53 Division attended the scene early Thursday morning after it was reported that a man was hanging out of an eighth-floor window.

Fortunately, onsite security guards were able to secure the man, deemed by police as a "person in crisis." Crowd-shot footage from the scene shows mattresses being tossed from windows to cover the ground in case the man fell. 

Once police arrived, they took over from security and eventually rescued the man by breaking windows and pulling him up to safety. Toronto Police Service Chief James Ramer announced on Twitter late Thursday afternoon that officers had struggled for 12 minutes to get the man inside.

Video shared by Ramer shows a harrowing rescue with police dangling precariously from ledges themselves at times while trying to secure the man,

"The man was taken to hospital to get the help he needs," wrote Ramer. "Our officers were treated/released for minor injuries."

"All Toronto Police officers are trained for dynamic emergency calls and to save lives. I'm extremely proud of their bravery," continued the police chief. "We couldn't have done this without the help of onsite security, thank you for your assistance."

While some on social media are criticizing the police for sharing footage of someone in dire distress, many are praising the cops for putting their lives on the line to save the man.

"Well done TPS! Thank you Chief Ramer for posting a story about the heroics of the security team and police to help a person when they literally needed it the most," wrote one Twitter user. "Celebrate the wins when you get them."

"Stunned at the bravery and selflessness of these officers. Deepest gratitude being sent to them for their dedication and sacrifice to protect the public," wrote another.

"Glad this gentleman could be kept safe. Hope he will be extended the help needed to feel sufficiently strong again."

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