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Toronto police just pulled a car out of Humber Bay that was stolen 25 years ago

Toronto Police have just pulled a car out of Humber Bay that's suspected to have been there for years.

Marine units and forensics were on the scene at Humber Bay Park East Monday morning where a car had been reported at the bottom of the lake.

The car, rusted and covered in mussels, was fished out of the water and removed from the scene, as recorded by residents of nearby buildings. 

No information has yet to be released about how long the car has sat in Humber Bay's flow basin, or how it got there. Toronto Police did not respond to inquiries from blogTO at the time of publishing. 

The vehicle's removal is just one part of the mysterious saga that has fascinated nearby residents, including Youtuber Jordan Marushiak, who uploaded his video called Underwater, Lake Ontario (Part 1) last week. 

Marushiak, who is also a real estate agent, says that he was showing a client around a condo on the Humber Bay shores when they spotted the car from the balcony of the unit. 

The six-minute video then proceeds to offer close-up glimpses of the car using an underwater camera and some aerial shots. 

Marushiak promises a Part 2. We'll wait for that and a police report for more answers. 

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Amy Moreno

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