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Toronto's most dangerous highway onramp finally got a major overhaul

One of the most dangerous spots in the city for drivers and cyclists alike just received some major improvements to help increase safety.

A stretch of Danforth just west of Broadview Avenue has been a nightmare for both cyclists and drivers due to an onramp onto the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) that requires drivers to cross over a bike lane.

The need for both cars and bikes to share the space has led to plenty of road rage at best, and some horrific accidents at worst.

However, as part of the Danforth Avenue Complete Street and Planning Study, a number of safety-inspired changes have started to be made to give both cars and bikes their own dedicated space.

The most notable changes include barriers, a vehicle stop bar and sensors that will alert drivers of approaching cyclists via signal lights.

There will also be a signalized crossing for cyclists as well as prevention of right-turns-on-red movements for drivers.

Putting a system in place that allows all parties to share the space and get signalled through will hopefully prevent more collisions.

This new change is just one of many coming to help people travel through Canada's largest city, as local communities are working with the city to prioritize safety and wellbeing.

"The City frequently works with local communities to propose and implement safety improvements to new and existing cycling infrastructure across Toronto," a Toronto media representative told blogTO. 

"Safety improvements are customized and planned based on the specific needs of each location or community."

A number of other improvements such as the installation of bike lanes, and cycle tracks has already been approved in various locations across the city including Gladstone Avenue, Dundas Street West and Davenport Road.

After a year spent indoors, there's something very satisfying about knowing a new cyclist-friendly Toronto is waiting to be explored.

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